Be the light to this world. This world is in much darkness. That is why you must learn the lessons given on love of neighbor. Taking care of each other. So much darkness exists in the world today. Everyone going about their daily tasks without much thought for their brother or sister. They are in need of your prayers and sacrifices. That is how they will receive the graces necessary to awake from their slumber. All of your prayers and sacrifices are heard by my Father in Heaven. These prayers are then turned into the graces that will awaken men from their slumber. My dear brothers and sisters you have so much to learn. Your hearts need to be open to the words from Heaven. The words of your God. Hear me now. Love. That is your path to happiness. That is what will yield you your heavenly treasure. I love you so much. You do not realize yet what love is. Soon you will understand what sacrifices have been made for you and how those sacrifices yield such love. Listen to the words of my Father. The Creator of all mankind. Who created you out of love from the beginning. So loved are you. Soon you will begin to understand love and the sacrifices needed to give true love of neighbor. It is a selfless act. It is a giving without looking for a reward. Love much and always. Thank you for your time. Time is so valuable because it is limited for you now. But soon it will be endless. Stay focused on the path I have set out for you. You will succeed with my graces and blessings. Remember my graces is what will cause you to succeed. You must ask for these graces. Ask and you will receive. I love you. 

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