It is I St Anne. Grandmother of your Savior. I wish to let you know how loved you are. Listen to my Grandson. He laid down his life for his people. My daughter herself sacrificed much during her time here on earth. She kept herself silent on many occasions. Practicing love of her fellow man. It was not easy for her. However this is important for peace to reign in the hearts of men. Practice kindness. Think of how my daughter remained silent when her only son was sacrificed on the Cross. How her heart was so broken. Yet she remained steadfast on her journey. She knew this was the Father’s will and she was always obedient to the Father. Pray for her intercession and the forgiveness of my Grandson. He will answer a humble heart. Be faithful to your lot in life. Practice the virtues you are learning. All that you do will be blessed. Heaven is watching and praying for this world. Take heart you are not alone on this journey. 

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