Brothers and sisters. I come each night to bring you the good news of salvation. It is love. Your salvation was already won for you by my sacrifice on the cross. I am the unblemished lamb slain for the sins of mankind. Now you need to accept this gift and grow from it. How do you grow. With much pruning. It is necessary to remove from your life all the unnecessary evils. Things that pull you away from the path to salvation. Listen to my words. This path is straight. It is you that keeps turning away from the road to wander off guided by illusions and temptations. Come back to the path. Focus on what you are hearing. Again I tell you. First give everything to the Father. Your complete “yes”. All that you have was given to you by him. Then go and take care of your brothers and sisters. They are in need of your kindness and love. First you must see everyone as your brother and sister. Yes, I mean everyone. Each person is a child of God. Therefore they are your sibling. If you have someone you are not very fond of, show that person extra kindness. It is easy to love the people we are fond of. Challenge yourself and practice charity with everyone. Say only kind words. Watch your tongue to not talk crudely about anyone. Gossip can lead to death of that person’s reputation. Do not be a party to that, instead only be seen talking with kindness or be silent. Rather be silent than have your words be given back to you at judgment. How you treat others is how you will be treated. Make sure you love. Constantly strive for perfection in this. Ask for heaven to help. Graces will be sent if you merely ask. Remember I am asking this of you to help you on your path. The quicker you learn love of neighbor, the faster you will advance through the rest of your lessons. I am blessing your efforts in this. Take heart. It is not easy, but your efforts will be rewarded. Happiness will be your treasure while you are here. I love you. 

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