My dear children. I wish to also comment about love. My dear children. So often you forget the importance of love and forgiveness. You cannot have one without the other. Forgive immediately then go and love. Offer kindness to everyone you meet. That person is your brother or sister. They are loved and cherished by all of Heaven just as you are. Don’t turn your backs when they fail you in some way. No my dear little ones. You will also fail at some task too. You ask my son for forgiveness than you must also offer that same forgiveness. Love each other with a pure heart and pure intentions. A pure heart will see God in each other. God is in all of you because you are his children. Created with love. I am your mother and I wish for all my children to have peace and happiness. Yes, that is possible. But first you must change within yourselves. Change within, then you will begin to see your brothers and sisters in a new light. A view through the eyes of love. I am blessing you with my motherly blessing and interceding for you all. All are loved by Heaven. Return that love. My peace to you. 

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