It is I your king. Lord of all. Tonight I wish to again teach you about love. To love is to give completely of ones self. I gave everything for you. You need to do the same. How easy it is for you to have so little patience with each other. So quick are you to blame. Take no action. Instead pray for wisdom in how to deal with your situation. Heaven is here awaiting your call to help. But no one is calling on us for graces. Believe me if you ask, you shall receive. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you knowledge about a situation. Then ask for the grace of wisdom in dealing with that particular situation. So many misunderstandings could be avoided by asking for these two graces. Stop and pray before you respond next time. See how easily peace is restored in your soul. Less fighting would take place if people practiced more patience. Love is not an act of receiving as much as it is an act of giving. It is a selfless offering of one’s own self. The person receiving this gift should receive it with a pure and humble heart. Honesty is a part of love. When honesty becomes the center of your words, love will be present. A dishonest tongue only yields sorrow. Much malice comes from dishonesty. Fear not with this lesson. I have much love and patience for you. I am here to bring you out of the darkness and into the light were you belong. That is how you will win your freedom from sin. By practicing honesty and love of brother. Everything else will naturally follow behind without much thought or effort. First, give your yes to Heaven. Keep straight your path. Pray often throughout the day asking for intercession with your daily situations. Offer everything to the Father to bless. Next, love your brothers and sisters with a selfless love. Looking for nothing in return accept their blessing. Speak kindly always. Guard your words carefully. Your words can easily become your stumbling blocks on your journey home. Practice taking care of your siblings. Building heavenly treasure. Every good deed done out of sincere love will be rewarded greatly by me and my Father. Listen to what I am telling you. Your life here will be peace and happiness. Your Heaven will begin here in your heart. Remember how loved and cherished you are. Treat everyone with that same love. 

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