I died for this world and then rose from the dead. I am the lamb slain for her kingdom. I am the good Shepard who laid down his life for his sheep. All of this I give to you. My brothers and sisters. My people. How much I have desired to bring you closer into my heart. But your hardened hearts have rejected my call. You have rejected me just as all the prophets before. Where are you now? Living as you had hoped for. A godless society. Are you happy? Is your cup full? Is there joy in your life? Heaven is calling her lost sheep for the last time. Again I tell you. I opened the kingdom for you. You only have to accept this. Your “yes” is how you start your journey back home. You are not happy. How can you be when so many of you are hungry. So many of you thirst. Again I tell you, you are asleep and haven’t realized this yet. The devil has taken ahold of your heart. Where your possessions are there too is your heart. What do you possess right now? Sacrifices ready to offer me for your siblings. Or a house full of trinkets ready to rust and fall apart. Where is your treasure? In heaven or here on earth. I tell you now is the time to convert and be saved. You do not know the day or the hour I will call you to myself. When you see how much time you wasted on unimportant things you will weep with sorrow. When you see all the missed opportunities that you had to serve your brother you will feel sadness for your selfish choices. That is why I am here. Trying to show you the way back home. I am the way the truth and the light. You need to come to me and I will give you what you need. I will make your brokeness whole again. Come to me and nourish yourselves. Again be not afraid of your transgressions. I will forgive. I am the merciful savior. I am slow to anger and quick to forgive. Remember that. That is what I expect of you. To forgive your brother and sister without hesitation. Stop looking for them to begin. Humility is what will soften hearts. Be humble so my Father and I can dwell in your heart. Pride does not come from Heaven. It is the deception of this world. So is your God of money. Money will not bring you even a second more of this world. However taking care of each other will yield you much treasure. Go out and seek your brother that you have a dispute with and forgive him. Ask for his blessing in return. Then come to me and I will reward such humility with grace. How I desire if everyone could learn this. Set you eyes to Heaven. Give me your heart. Give me your “yes” and I will bless you. You will be on the path to Heaven. Your reward will be a seat at the banquet prepared for you. So cherished are you my dear brothers and sisters. Wake up and realize your gold treasure you seek does not come from your world. That treasure you find in each other. I give you my priestly blessing and pray for your eternal happiness in my Father’s kingdom. You are loved. I love you.

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