My dear children. It is I your heavenly mother calling out to my children. I am praying before the throne of the Father for you. I offer my Son’s sacrifice and my suffering during that time to intercede for you. I love you and want for you to make a wise choice with your eternity. Remember this life does not end with death. It only begins. Heaven is ready for you to join us. The Father is calling for the return of all of his children. I am praying for you. I love you with my motherly love. I pray you answer “yes” to God’s call. I love you and you belong to Heaven.
Brothers and sisters how much I desire for you to want Heaven as your ultimate goal. How I wish that you would spend your time wisely preparing for your eternity. Your time here on earth is short. There is little time to wait until tomorrow to change your path. Follow my lead. Listen to these messages. Start with love. Love each other as I have commanded you. Be honest with everyone. Work hard, the kingdom of Heaven is worth your effort. Follow the commandments of my Father. Share what you have. Use your talents wisely. Always with the desire to help others. Prepare for your journey home now. Start preparing yourselves. Store up Heavenly treasure. I come when you least expect. Like a thief in the night. Do not be caught off guard. You have been warned. Do not be surprised when this day arrives. It will come. I can assure you of that. Pray for the intercession of Heaven. We are here to assist you. I hear all your pleas. We know what you need even before you utter a single sound. Still ask and pray. You are our family. You can anticipate the needs of your family members before they come to you and ask. Still they do come and ask. Pray. I will listen. Your prayers are important to me. I love you. Remember how much you are loved and wanted by your Heavenly family. You belong here. This is your rightful place. I ensured that. Come back and we will welcome you home. I am mercy. You have nothing to fear and no reason to wait. Return to the Father. You are his children. I love you and send my priestly blessing to your world tonight. 

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