I am the lamb who took away the sins of this world. For you my brothers and sisters. Peace is what I came to restore. Peace to a broken world. A world in need of a physician. A people in need of a healing. My people. You are broken today just as you were over 2000 years ago. You are just as in need of me as my brothers and sisters back then. How long will I wait before I pass judgment on this world. My mercy is still with you. I will wait. You are my family. I love you. What am I waiting for. The hearts of men to return to God. Their hearts have become so hard and continue to still be. When will you realize what your choices will yield you in the end. So many sacrifices are being offered up by your brothers and sisters that you don’t even know about. Their prayers are being heard and offered as ransom for your misdeeds. That is why prayer is so important. Truly a war could end by prayer alone. If this nation would realize that, your wars could be over by now. Yet you still think you can depend on yourselves for everything. You act as if Heaven doesn’t exist. As if no sacrifice was given for your salvation. Surely I can tell you I sacrificed myself for you. I laid down my life for the ransom of all. Heaven is your home for all eternity because of my sacrifice. How long will you put me off. How long do you think that no judment shall come upon this world. My Father created this world. He created it out of love for you. His children. His family. Where are you? Where is your brother and sister? Hungry and cold. Why do you ignore the cries of your brothers and sisters? You cannot ignore them forever. You lack faith. You lack trust. The only way to change the course you are headed is through prayer. Trust in my mercy for you. Trust in my plan for this world. Trust that you are loved. Trust that Heaven is awaiting the return of her children. Do you not yet realize how loved you are? Do you not see how much Heaven is hearing the cries of her lost children? Say “yes” and return to the Father. He is calling for the return of his children. No one should be left outside. Everyone is invited to the banquet table. I am sending my priestly blessings to this world. You are loved, remember that. 

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