Dream: I was in our church in Indiana. A priest was giving a heart felt homily. Everyone in the pews were ignoring him. They were laughing and acting as if they were at some party. The priest dipped a palm branch in the wine and began to sprinkle the precious blood of our Lord on everyone. afterwards everyone became quiet. 

My sacrifice on the cross was made for everyone. Each of my brothers and sisters was thought of when I hung up there. Listen to me. Now is the time to turn back from the evil of this world and embrace your crosses that I have sent you. Your crosses in this life are your salvation. You must carry your crosses with complete trust in my mercy. My plan for you. Stop complaining when your struggles become hard. Instead look up to me. I will give you strength through my graces. I love you. It is my desire for each of my brothers and sisters to join me at the banquet that my Father has prepared for you since the beginning of time. I came into this world for one purpose. Your salvation. My entire time here was for you to learn. To see my love for you. To teach you about love. Heaven. The Father. That was my purpose. Now you need to look up to Heaven and start living your purpose. That is to join us in the Kingdom. Each day you will have opportunities to make choices. Make each choice for Heaven. Offer me everything and I will bless your efforts. Believe me, nothing you do will go unnoticed by me or my Father in Heaven. I love you. Start loving your brothers and sisters as I have loved you. Learn from the lessons I have taught you and from the trials I will give you. Remember to have patience. Love comes from patience. Love is patience. 

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