My dear people, my brothers and sisters. You wonder why your “yes” to Heaven is so important. You need to fully decide. When you are luke warm then you will give up as soon as the task becomes too difficult. How many things have you started and when the task became too daunting you just threw it away. Choosing another thing to again occupy your time until you get bored again. Your faith cannot be treated as if it were a hobby. That is how you are being so easily deceived. The devil has placed so many pleasures that they are too numerous to count. Each only satisfying for a brief moment. You become addicted to each item until the pleasure leaves then you seek more pleasure. You are only thinking about your own needs. That is why your brother and sisters are going hungry right under your noses. You don’t even really pay attention to what is being said to you. You are only interested in what the next pleasure, will be coming to you. How sick this world has become. Your God is money, pleasure, castles, trinkets. All the things that keep you from real happiness. Love is what brings happiness. That is why I keep telling you take care of each other. Go and find your brothers and sisters that are lost. Go and take care of each other. But to do this you are going to have to listen to my mother and give up your comforts. You have to turn away from the things of this world that are here to only confuse you. You are asleep and do not even realize it. You have stopped coming to the table and nourishing yourselves. You must return to the Father. You need to give Heaven your yes. Listen to our call. You do not have forever. Each of you will be called home. Again, will you be ready to face judgment? I can tell you nothing you treasure here will help you. You cannot buy even a single minute to add to your life. Therefore stop wasting what time you have left. Nourish yourselves. Start to focus on the lessons you are being given. Practice love. Be patient with each other. Slow to anger quick to forgive. Remember everyone is your brother and sister. You are all loved by heaven equally. You are all cherished. Remember this and say “yes”. That is how you will start. Say “yes” and I will send my graces down to you. Then turn to your brother or sister and start practicing love. Heaven is waiting for you. 

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