Dream: I had a dream that I was folding laundry. I was folding laundry with the blessed mother. She was folding my son’s clothes. She folded each piece neatly and then kissed it before she put it down on the table. She kissed each piece of his clothing. 
What task wouldn’t a mother do for her child. What sacrifice is to big. Even if it meant sacrificing her own son. That was my gift to this world. I am that mother. I sacrificed my only son for the children of this world. How my heart sorrowed over this loss. I was consoled by the knowledge that Heaven was won for her children. I gave my yes to the Father. My yes meant a bitter sweet sword. But that is what a mother does for her children that she loves. God is asking for you to say yes to him today. Give him your yes. Give him your heart. My Son sacrificed everything for you. His own comfort was so freely given up and replaced by his courageous love. No complaint was uttered. Not a single sigh. He just loved and turned his life over to the Father for you. So I ask my children this question. What sacrifice are you willing to make for Heaven? What comforts are you willing to give up to help your brothers and sisters? Remember Heaven receives all your sacrifices and prayers for your brothers and sisters. God uses these to pour out his graces on this world. You need to decide how important Heaven is to you. You need to fully give your yes. Hold nothing back. I am praying for you to make the right choice. I am interceding to God the Father for you. My Son hears the prayers of his mother. Give me your yes. Offer me your prayers and sacrifices and I will give them to my Son. I will unite my prayers with them and bring them to my Son. He cannot refuse me. I love you my dear children. Please listen to your mother. Trust the words of my Son. You only need to look at a crucifix and realize how much you are loved. I love you dear children. 

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