God the Father:I wish to speak to my children. I want to tell you how loved you are. I want you to realize that you are my children. My family. In the beginning I made the angels to be your guides through this life. I created them to assist you here on earth and escort you to my kingdom. They are here to help you. Listen to their voices. They are always that voice of reason in your head directing you to make good choices. It is out of love that I created them. They are my messengers. Carrying out my messages for your world. They were here since the beginning. I made your world with you in my heart. Knowing what you would need for your happiness. I gave you every sort of creature to behold. Beauty everywhere you looked. Water to drink. Food to eat. Knowledge so you could build homes. I created you man and women so you could multiply and fill this world with family. How could a father give so much and yet his children act as if they don’t have enough. You look up and see only the sky.. looking at what your weather may be. Do you ponder about the things of Heaven? Calling out to me. Giving me your day. Telling me your needs. Praying? No, you just look up and then never think again. When you need me then you pray. I listen and I give you what you need. Not what you think you need. I hear you. Nothing you say ever goes unnoticed by me. My graces are pouring out for this world. Just look up and say hello. Say yes to my call. Realize that I am here. Watching over my children. Just as any good father would. Your angels are constantly praying for you. Constantly at your side. You are never alone. You are loved. You are mine. You belong to me. Remember you are loved. Look up and know Heaven is praying for you. We are watching over you. 

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