Peace be with you. My peace I give to you. I simply ask for your yes in return. My children if you only knew how loved you were. How much I cherish each of you. I created this beautiful world full of beautiful things in it for you. I made sure you would have everything you could possibly need for your physical comfort. I gave you each other so you would have companionship. You would have family. I gave you each other so you could love. You would have the opportunity to serve each other. Help each other. I prepared a kingdom for you, a home to share with me forever. I sent my only son to open the gate and you could walk in. This is how much I love you. I gave you angels. Guardians to watch over you. Help you when you struggle. They were created for you since the beginning. They are your friends to guide you. My son poured out his graces for his brothers and sisters on his cross at Calvary. Do you see how wanted you are by me. How much I thought about all your needs. Cared about every detail of your lives. There is no prayer that goes unheard by me. Even the faintest cry is noticed. Heaven is ready for your return. All you have to do is look towards the things of Heaven. My son is pouring out all graces upon mankind now. This will not last forever. My justice will come. A parent at some point has to wake up it’s sleeping children. I am hoping that you will heed my warnings. I am love. I love my children and they do not even realize how much their “no” disappoints all of Heaven. One soul lost, is one soul too much. Stay focused on the path to Heaven. Stay strong and listen to my voice. I am always calling for you. Like a Shepard calling for it’s lost sheep. You are more important to me than any of my creatures. You are my children and I only desire your happiness. Your happiness on earth will come when you learn the lesson of love. Your happiness in Heaven will be your reward for your “yes” while on earth. Know that Heaven is awaiting your answer. Prayers are being said so not a single of my children will be lost. Your angels are fighting for you day and night. Simply listen for their voices. They will be guiding you towards love. Love one another. I love you. You are mine. You belong to me. 

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