I wish I could write words eloquent enough to express how my heart feels about my Lord. The sun could rise and set unnoticed by me when I am spending time pondering the greatness of my King. I so often forget that Christ is a king. He has simply been my best friend. What is a best friend. Someone who never lets you down. Jesus listens to my worries with a gentle concern. When I cry he is there holding my hand. When I am happy he rejoices with me. When I make a mistake he sits quietly letting me talk through it all the while encouraging me to make a better choice. So why do I still sin. Sin is what caused my best friend, my brother, to sacrifice his life for me. He endured sadness, loneliness, scourging, a painful crown of thorns placed on his head, and yes death on a cross. They nailed his hands and feet to a tree and hung him there to die. Who hung him there? I did. His best friend. I still do every time I disobey his commands. Every time I lie, I am lying to the courts condemning my Lord. When I watch inappropriate things on tv, I have a whip in my hand lashing out on my best friends back causing his skin to bleed. When I am prideful, boasting about the things I have, I am causing his head to bleed from my thorn I placed in his crown. So what does my best friend do about all my transgressions. He looks down from his tree and forgives me. He tells his Father to not punish me. That I didn’t realize what I was doing. I simply stand under him. I’m not saying anything. His mother stands next to me. She is weeping bitterly. Her cries intensify as my King tries to shift himself seeking comfort that doesn’t exist. He looks down at me and I see no anger in his eyes. Instead I see his smile. He even tries to offer me comfort. He wants me to do better make better choices. I feel as if I cannot possibly bare this anymore. I scream at him crying I never meant for this to happen. I try to find someone to help me get him down. I’m screaming this cannot happen again. Everyone around me is laughing. All the guards are ignoring him. His mother weeps and her moans fall on deaf ears. I run back to my friend. Now I’m begging him. What can I do to get you down. Please don’t let this happen. I get it. I’m sorry. I will try better. His eyes look down toward me again. Tears fall down his dirty cheek and land on the sandy dirt below. He said I chose this for you my friend. I will die soon. When I die, I will be given the key to unlock the gate to my Father’s kingdom. He is giving it to me. My dear sister I want you to be able to enjoy all my Father has made for this world. There is a banquet set. I saw your seat. How sad Heaven would be without her children. Don’t be sad. I’m doing this for you. My mother weeps for my suffering, but she weeps more for the people you see laughing at me. The guards who walk by as if I wasn’t there, her heart is saddened for them because she knows if there indifference continues they will not be joining us at the banquet. Their angels will remove their place settings from the table. I need my brothers and sisters to warn each other not to be indifferent to their savior. I would gladly hang from this tree forever if I thought all my brothers and sisters would look up see me and change their hard hearts. That was not the case. Angels sadly remove place settings everyday. They understand divine justice. They know this is because of choices made by men. You don’t have to make the same choice. You can choose Heaven by your saying yes to the things of Heaven. Give me everything and I will protect you. Be not afraid of your mistakes. There is no mistake I would not forgive in an instant. My heart is open. I have shed all my blood for my people. My family. I have poured out my graces for this world. 
As you walk through this world you will see many pleasures. Like a carnival calling for your attention. Turn away. Put blinders on and walk quickly past these traps. The devil walks freely like a sheep. He is nothing more than a wolf waiting to devour the weak. The ones not paying attention. If you knew what a treasure you already had you would not be wanting the money of this world. Your soul is more valuable than any treasure chest you could find. There is nothing here that you should focus your time and energy on, except gathering your Heavenly treasure. What is Heavenly treasure? Love. That is all you need. Don’t believe that. If everyone loved would they share? If your child is hungry and your cubbards are full, you would reach in and give them food without thinking. Well it would be no different if you had love for your brothers and sisters. All you need to work on is love. All good deeds will happen from love. If you do a good deed without love than you are practicing pride. Believe me you do not need to practice what you are already very good at. You need to ask me for help in love. This is why I am here talking. I want to teach you about love. I want my family to have happiness. You will never be happy until you begin to love. The more love you give, the less vulnerable you will be to the devil’s illusions. His carnival of tricks. There is only momentary pleasure in his carnival and the cost is to high of a price to pay. He has no love for you. He despises you because of how much my Father loves you. You are so cherished by everyone in Heaven. You are wanted. Angels are happily singing and rejoicing, awaiting your arrival. All of your family is praying hard offering me prayers for graces to help you. One word from you. Yes to heaven. Yes to my Father. Yes to me. Yes to your family. Don’t turn away and seek the pleasures still thinking you can give me your yes later. There is no more waiting. Now is the time to turn over your hearts to me to change. Your scared to leave your things of this world. I understand your fears. Look up at me. I placed myself on a cross because that is what real love is. I laid down my life freely for you. No cost to you. I rose from the grave and opened paradise. You think your world is beautiful. My Father created it, so yes, it is beautiful. You cannot begin to understand the beauty of my Father’s kingdom. Every person here is love. There is no hatred. No jealously. No anger. No illness. No sadness. Only joy. Peace and happiness. Everyone here is cheering for you to choose Heaven. Celebrations are danced and sung in the streets with horns blowing every time a brother or sister is saved. Yes, we really do celebrate because everyone here understands what your yes meant. They had to choose too and they know how happy they are. Start choosing Heaven. You will start to feel my presence. Give me your sorrows and I will turn them into joys. But you have to truly change. You need to seek Heaven not turning back when your journey gets hard or long. Persevere. Heaven is worth your efforts. Again if you need strength simply turn your eyes and hearts towards Heaven. I am here. Look at my cross and remember how much I love you. You are loved. You belong to me. You belong in Heaven. You are the rightful heirs. I made you my family. Be ready. I am coming to take you home. I love you with an everlasting love. 

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