Rejoice my brothers and sisters. Your King is here. I have come to save my people from themselves. You look to this world for answers to lifes problems and mysteries. Look to Heaven instead. That is where your true home is. With your Heavenly family. I came into the world to establish my kingdom on earth. I did this so you could learn love while you are here. To prepare you for your home in Heaven. My Father has given me the keys to his kingdom. Here I reign. I am awaiting your yes to my call. Simply say yes to me. I am returning to claim what my Father has given to me since the beginning of time. Brothers and sisters. Be ready. You do not know the hour or day I will come for you. Do not be caught out in the cold and dark wailing for me. I will not know you. I have come and warned you. Rejoice with your king. I have come to save my people from their wickedness. You mourn because you are unhappy with this world. My people you will never mourn in the kingdom my Father has prepared for you. 

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