My passion: I wish to talk about my passion. It is so overlooked today. Forgotten. I suffered for my brothers and sisters. First in the Mount of Olives. I knew what my Father was asking. For me to give my all. This was a suffering I would have to do alone. I trembled at the thought. So many souls would be saved. Getting to come home to Heaven. My passion would open the gate for them. How many others would be indifferent. That is what wounded me the most. It was the indifference of my Father’s children. My brothers and sisters that caused me to shed tears of blood. How could their hearts be so hardened? I still cannot understand the hard hearts of men. Their continual distrust in my true presence. I was scourged for you. I wore a crown made of thorns for you. I bared a cross for you. I hung there for hours awaiting my death. My freedom for you. So many of my brothers and sisters rejoiced with me that day. But still my heart is saddened that so many of my brothers and sisters simply looked the other way. You have turned your backs on my sacrifice. My suffering. Please heed my call. Turn back to me again. My heart will not be angered. I will forgive everything. I am not mad at you. I am saddened by your choice to avoid the things of Heaven. Look around you. What have you surrounded yourselves with? Trinkets that don’t mean anything. But you ignore the real treasures that are free. Freely given by me. Love does not cost you anything. I have already paid the price. You cannot repay this. Only accept it with a gracious heart. That is all I ask of you. Come back home. Return to the table of plenty. Leave your wicked ways behind you. Listen to my call. I am calling you home before it is too late. I am the merciful Savior but I will return as the just judge. I am warning this world. My brothers and sisters you are ill. You are deceived by the things of this world. Spending all of your time with self entertainment. No one is praying. You are not talking to me. Therefore you are falling quickly into sin and don’t even realize it. I am bringing my brothers and sisters back to my Father in Heaven. Please come back. Do not be left out in the cold. I wish for you to be in the light. I am praying for your safe return to my kingdom. My Father has a place waiting here for you. You have a seat at the banquet. We are waiting for your yes. I am sending my graces for you. Feel them in your hearts and lives, they are for you. Listen for my voice. I am calling you. Listen for my call. I am the good Shepard. My sheep know my voice. I know my sheep and they know me. I love you and I am blessing you with my priestly blessing. Return to the Father. Come back to me. I love you. You are mine. Remember that. 

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