It is I St John Bosco giving greetings from Heaven. I have come to teach you about Christ the King. Listen to his words that he is teaching you. He is the way, the truth, and the life. If you believe in him you will have eternal happiness. When I was on earth I ran a boys group. I was their teacher. Today our youth need leaders to teach and guide their formation. The youth have much distraction in their hearts. They have very few adults willing to teach them. That requires sacrifice on the part of the adults. This job is worth the effort. Believe me. Our youth will be lost if they are not instructed properly with love. First we must listen and gain their confidence. They are use to being ignored by adults. We must change that. Turn off your tv’s and go outside. Start talking about the things of Heaven. Give them a desire to be holy. Chaste. Pure of heart. Give them a zeal for the holy spirit. They will grow in the faith if they are guided properly. Adults study your faith so you can pass it on to your youth. They will benefit from your wisdom and experience. Pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance in this manner. Heaven is waiting to assist you. Do not let the youth of this world be lost for even a minute. They are worth your effort. Be patient. But mostly love. Show them by example. Love. Treat them fairly. Love. There is a crown in Heaven awaiting them. Do not let them get lost because you are too tired to aid them. No one should be lost on their journey to the kingdom. I send you all my priestly blessing. May the Almighty living God bless all of you in your endeavors with the youth of this world. Amen. 

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