Jesus: I saw a vision of myself going to communion. I received the Eucharist and then walked to receive the Precious Blood. As I approached Jesus crucified appeared standing behind the minister. I saw his head bleeding from the crown of thorns. Drops of blood dripped into the chalice. He told me that these were the drops of blood I had caused from my sins. My sins of pride was one of the thorns. He sacrificed and suffered for my pride. That is how much he loves me. 
Brothers and sisters I have suffered much at the hands of my brothers. Never did I for once suffer without great cause. Taking upon myself all of your sins was my proof of my love for all of mankind. My sacrifice opened the door to my Father’s Kingdom for everyone. When you have doubt look at my wounds. Each one was purchased by me for you. My love and mercy know no bounds. I would gladly suffer again for this world. When will you finally realize how much you mean to me. How much I want you to share in the banquet my Father has prepared for you. Please don’t cause me to leave you outside. I am justice. I have to do the will of my Father. All of His children belong in Heaven. You have no idea how much Heaven grieves when her children are left outside wailing. My Mother’s heart weeps for her children. But it does not have to be so. Heaven rejoices when one of it’s children makes it back home. Just one repentant sinner is cause for great celebration. Will I celebrate your return? You need to only answer yes to my call. I will do the rest. I am just waiting to pour out my graces on mankind. Are you finally ready to accept them. Time is of the essence for you. You do not know the hour I might call your name. What will you do when I ask you how much you loved your brother and sister. I will ask how wisely you used your talents that I have given you. Please do not waste your time and talents. Heed my call. I love you and wish you to join me at the feast prepared for you from the beginning of time. 

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