A child is riding her bike. She falls off and injures her knee. What will the child’s parent do? Pick up the child, comfort her, put medicine on her knee. Then the child will feel better to go and play again. That is what I do for my children. You sin. When you come to me I give you comfort. I hold you in my arms, listen patiently, then I forgive. That is your medicine that heals your soul. Then you too can be happy and go off and play again. How easy it is for a father to forgive his children. Especially when that child is truly sorry. A repentant heart I cannot refuse. Come to me. Do not be afraid. I do not have harsh words for you. I am your father. I am love. I want nothing more than for my children to be happy. Do not be afraid. I will listen to you. I will comfort you. I will forgive you. A doctor cannot cure his patients if they do not seek help. I can assure you that you are sick and in need of a doctor. That is why I sent my only son to heal this world. He is the great physician. Healer of all. But you do not seek. You keep hiding in the wilderness licking your wounds that remain infected. Stop trying to cure yourselves. The devil wants to keep you ill, so you are not strong enough to turn away from his evil ways. He wishes to take my children from me. Not so. My children listen to my voice. Come back to your father. I love you and you are mine. 

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