Return to the father. That is what I ask of my children. You complain of how tired you are. Come to me and I will give you rest. Your load is hard to bear. Offer it up to me and I will lighten your load. Do you hear me calling your name. You must quiet your soul and listen. I am calling you. You need to love one another as I have taught this world since the beginning of time. My messages have never changed. I have commanded the same thing since the beginning have I not? Love one another. Look at you brother. He is in the desert. Look at him. He is lost. He is sick. Where are you? Occupying your time. Not looking for him. I see him. He is my child. Just like you are all my children. Lonely in your deserts. Come to me and seek shelter in my heart. There you will find peace. Come to my son in the bread of life. Nourish yourselves. Then go put on your armor and seek your lost brother in the desert. He is calling. Find him and bring him home. Cook for him and give him shelter. I promise you, your reward will be great. The greatness comes from it’s eternal possession. Never rusting or rotting. Unlike the rewards you seek here. I love you and you are mine. Come back to me and I will give you rest. 

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