Faith is like a tree in a garden. You feed it and it grows. The more you care for it the more that tree will protect you. If you do not nourish your faith then it will not grow strong. Instead it will be straggly with very little protection. How do you grow your faith. How do you nourish yourselves. By visiting the sacraments. I am the bread of life. Come to me and I will nourish you. Then you can go and feed your brothers and sisters. If you do not nourish your faith then you will get sick and you won’t be able to take care of anyone. My people you long for someone to do your work for you. This is impossible. You must do your own work. I have given you everything you need. All the graces necessary for you are already there. You just need to come to the well and get a drink. Tend to your tree. Prune away the rotting branches. Nourish the roots so your faith will be well grounded. Then you will create something that will last forever. Treasure in heaven. The stronger your branches the more your brothers and sisters can swing from them. They will see how happy they are and wish for their own strong tree. You will lead by example. That is how your world will change from sadness to happiness.

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