My dearest children. I am your mother and I am asking you to listen to my son. He is the way, the truth, and the life. No one loves you more than the Father who created you, or the Son who redeemed you. Please turn back and put heaven first in your hearts. Heaven is your home. That should be your goal. How do you get there? Love. Heaven is love. Everyone in heaven is happy. There is no sadness only joy. You will be happy in heaven. You have to choose to want to be here. How do you choose? By loving your brothers and sisters. My tears are tears of sadness for my children. But you can change that. One act of kindness toward your brother can change everything. It is not too big of a problem. Your world is not so far gone. That is the devil deceiving you again. He wants this task to seem impossible. He wants everyone to give up. He does not love my children. He only knows hatred and jealousy. God is love. Your Father only wants His children to be happy. That is why you must choose the Father. You must listen and follow His words. Start loving each other in your family. Immediately forgive whatever they do to offend you. Do not hold anger in your heart for even a moment. You do not have the time to dwell on what they did. Just accept them and love them. Focus your efforts on being honest. That is how you show love. Treat everyone fairly. A mother treats her children with love and fairness. Isn’t she teaching her children the same? I am your mother. I am teaching you, my children, the same thing. Love. Be honest with each other. Do not hold anger in your heart. Trust your heavenly Father. Listen to my Son. That is what I ask of my children. I will pray for you. Pray for each other. I am blessing you with my motherly blessing. I love you all. 

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