I am the good Shepard. I know my sheep and they know me. You hear my voice and yet how often do you ignore it. Waiting for my words to fade away. Then you think you can do your evil deeds as if I wouldn’t notice. I see everything that you do. I see you do not put other’ s needs first. Why is that? When will you feel that you have enough? I give you exactly what you need. If you ask me for something and it is good for you than I give it to you. Your soul is precious. You are looking for earthly pleasures and comforts. I am giving you what you need to learn about love. Heaven should be your goal. I opened the gate, it is your job to walk in. I give you the graces necessary. You just have to accept them. My brothers and sisters do I not love you? Did I not conquer death for you? Did I not take your sins with me? Did I not suffer for you? How then can you so readily turn you back on each other without a moment of regret? You do not think twice about cheating on your brother. How much I suffered for you. I suffered out of love for you. My kingdom awaits her children, but where are you? What are you waiting for? Come back. I will forgive. I am ready to welcome you home. Just like the father whose son was lost but then came home. I have a feast prepared for you. Will you be Sharing it with me. Please take care of your brothers needs. Do not leave them. You have so much suffering because you have such little love. I will wait. I love you. Listen to my voice. I am the good Shepard, my sheep know my voice. Listen to me and love one another. 

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