(I am to start this message with this dream I had) Two priest came to get me. One was older and one was younger. They were bringing me to see the Blessed Mother. She sent them to get me. Our lady then appeared to me. She said my name “Theresa”. She was so beautiful. Everything about her was beautiful. She was dressed in white with gold trim. Her dress sparkled. She began talking to me but I couldn’t understand her. I was so distracted by her beauty that I simply couldn’t pay attention to what she was saying. She then disappeared and two angels replaced her. They gestured at a screen that suddenly appeared. It was like a movie screen except instead of a movie it was real people we watched. One angel stood on the left and one stood on the right. The first person was a young mother. She was in her living room watching soap operas on the tv while sitting on her couch. She had two small children playing on the floor. The next was two teenage boys playing video games in a bedroom. Last we were watching people in a work office. There was a copy machine in the room. The people were dressed in business suits. They were laughing and making copies of their faces and bottoms. The screen then disappeared. The angel on the left then said “look at how everyone was wasting their time. Your time here is very short and you do not make good use of your time. Remember this.” 
My dear children. You waste the precious time you have. You spend your time doing things for self enjoyment. Focus your time on your brothers and sisters. Go to them and find out their needs. What can you do for them. How can you help them. 
(I am to tell about this dream). I was walking down a street looking in store windows. When I looked in this store window I saw many people laying on the ground suffering. I saw Jesus walking around comforting them. I started to pray and repeat “I love you” to Jesus. He looked at me and then continued to walk among the people lying there. I noticed some of the people were big strong looking men. But they could not get up. They just laid there. I began to pray again and continued telling Jesus “I love you.”. He looked at me. Again he went back toward the people. He knelt next to a man and lifted his head and offered him a drink of water. All of the people seemed so helpless. I felt so sad to see this. I prayed as hard as I could and continued to tell Jesus how much I loved him. He then walked to the window and smiled at me. 
My children are hungry for the truth and what they get are lies. This one tells them one thing and someone else tells them another. So much confusion. My words are simple. Love one another as I have loved you. All you have to do is trust in that love. How are my children to trust in me when they are so helpless. Stop wasting your precious time that I have given you here. Spend your time listening to my words. I am calling my children back to me. Focus on the needs of your brothers and sisters. Find out what their needs are. Use your talents to help them. Then you will find happiness. Then you will not have wasted time here. You do not have a lot of time to learn about love. You must make the best use of the Time you have. If you are a worker than do an honest days work. Do not cheat your brother. If you are the boss. Treat your brothers fairly. Do not cheat them out of time or pay. Honesty is needed. Love comes from honesty towards your brothers and sisters. If you are a wife or husband. Love each other if you are a child than love your parents. You are all family. You are all my family. Start acting like that and you will have the happiness you seek. You will be filled with love and you will have peace. I will bless you and your work. 

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