My children, why you must love to be happy. How would your world that I have given you look if all my children loved. A woman is saddened because her husband is out of work. I say is there not a brother or sister that could use this mans talent? Now someone says yes we could use his talent. This husband needs to repay his sibling. How? By love in return. This love would be to do an honest days work. My children you want something for nothing. You have great debt because you keep convincing yourselves you need this or that thing. You have surrounded yourselves to the point that your brother cannot find you and you cannot see him. Start to remove the obstacles from your lives. Then you can begin to fill yourselves with love. Why do you keep trying to live here longer. Again you have not trusted in me. I created a kingdom for you. This is not your home. Your home is with me. This is where you learn to love. I created my children because I am love. You create without love there for you have no peace. Your creations are nothing more than golden calves. You worship them thinking of how mighty you are. Yet nothing you make will bring you anything but disappointment. Your things will rust and rot. Feed your brothers and sisters. That is love. 

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