My dearest children. How often a mother tries to comfort her wounded children. She wipes their tears. She smiles when her children are happy and weeps when they are sad however first and foremost a mother makes sure her children are safe. Not so with my children. The advisory is taking them from me through much illusions. They think they are happy but they are not. They try to fill their sadness with things of this world never thinking of the next one. Heaven is real. It is where all my children belong. Where are you? Where are you? Spending time distracting yourselves. You have stopped praying. You have stopped looking for my son. Do you really think that the treasures of this world will make you happy. I can tell you that true happiness only comes from my son. He is the source of all happiness. He is the source of true peace. He is the good Shepard who laid down his life for his brothers and sisters. Yes he laid Down his life for you so you may come home. Please stop thinking of this world as all there is. That is not true. That is false. Heaven is your home. My son insured that with his sacrifice on the cross. All you need to do is accept this gift. With your heart. If you love my son then you will heed his words. The father commands us to love one another. We are to do that. If you did you would be happy and find peace in your world. Return to my son were you will find rest. Love the Father. He is our creator. Look at what he has given his children. Yet you still look elsewhere for your Father. He is not in things, but rather he is in your brothers and sisters. If you want to see the Father and want to see my Son than all you need to do is look at each other. You are his greatest miracles. His children. You are his greatest creation. Love each other. Put God first. Then put your brother second. Put yourself third and you will have peace. You will have family. You are loved, you just need to give it and receive it. May my son bless you. 

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