My lessons from God the Father: this world is consumed with one thing. Money. Money has become my children’s God. You see the birds in the sky, the foxes running in the woods, do they have money? They have houses. They have food. I take care of all my creations. A bird falls from the sky, I am aware. How much more would I do for you. You have pets. You care for them. Feeding, housing, providing for them. Do you provide for your children the same? If I take care of my sparrows why then are you not satisfied with what I have given you? I gave you all of my creation to have dominion over. Yet it has never been enough. I gave you each other and yet you hardly take the time to notice your brothers and sisters. Why? You placed greed ahead of me and each other. So many castles yet those who occupy are less happy than my children with no castle. Castles will not buy you happiness. It is your love for each other that will yield you the most happiness. How can so many of my children be hungry? Did I not give you a world full of plenty? No you choose your objects over your brothers and sisters. You are each other keepers. There is no greater gift than to love your brothers and sisters unconditionally. When you look back on your childhood do you remember the items or people. Have things shaped you or your family. Your brother is hungry in a shelter do you know that? I can assure you yet you waste your gifts on useless trinkets that will just as soon rust. Why do I tell you this. I am the Father of all my children. I love equally. Each of my children I created. Your true beauty comes from the love you share. Look to your right then left. That is your brother and sister. I gave a command to love and take care of each other. Stop and return to love. Come back to me. I forgive so easily. Start to love. It is not to late for any of my children. No matter what you have done I will forgive. Just ask. Come to me. I will feed you. I will shelter you. You are mine. I call all of my children back to their Father. Do not be deceived by a lack of love. Do not be persuaded by things of this world. Give me your yes to love. I will give you the happiness you seek. I will give you the peace you long for. I love you. You are mine.  
If you owned a garden what flowers would you plant? Roses, lilies, marigolds. How would your garden look if all you planted was lillies? Boring? Every flower contributes a unique characteristic to that garden. Some give off a beautiful scent like the gardenia but has very little color. Yet the tiger lily is very colorful and has little fragrance. Some flowers bloom for a long time while others bloom fades very quickly. Can you see the connection. I made each flower. Unique and yet when placed together brings out each others beautiful traits. My children are uniquely beautiful like the flower. Each child is here bringing it’s own unique beauty. Why do you look at each other with a magnifying glass. Constantly looking for each others flaws. You fail to see the beauty. If you had a garden and a certain rose bush needed water would you ignore it and watch it wilt and die? Or rather would water that flower. Take extra care and support it until its better. Again blooming and completing the garden. How can you neglect your beautiful brothers and sisters. They are thirsty and hungry for love. All that you have I have given you. Some have been given much. Some have been given little. Those who have been given much should take care of your siblings who have been given less. Anyone who passes by a brother without caring for their needs, your gifts will be counted against you. Did I not command you to take care of each other. My son will not know you. How sad will that day be when your brother that you ignored is sitting at my banquet and you are left outside with your rusting things that you treasure so much. Seek the treasure of love and charity. Now How will you feel sitting next to that brother sharing in the banquet. Love one another. 

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