God’s Mercy
My mercy is infinite. Why you ask. How much does a parent love it’s child. Even when the child does wrong the parent is quick to forgive. When the child is ill the parent stands guard until the child is well again. Am I no different. Will I not guard you when you are sick. You are my children. Do I not forgive when you ask. But you do not ask. You remain silent. Thinking you can handle it on your own. You lack trust in my mercy. You lack confidence in my ability to forgive this or that sin. I am disappointed when you sin. But I am more dissapointed when you lack trust in my forgiveness. I love you. I desire you to be with me. I wait to welcome you back home. I am waiting to give you peace. Peace. That is what your soul longs for. You try to fill it with things of this world. There is nothing here for you that you can take with you. I am all that you need. I am the one who gives you peace. Things cannot give peace. That is the illusions of this world. So many things to distract you from me. 
Return to your father. Trust. Come back to me. I am waiting for your return. Don’t keep me waiting. Heaven rejoices when a child comes home. Imagine the sorrow when a child is lost. Everyone is looking. Desperate to reunite that child with it’s parents. But not so with my children who are lost. This world only makes it harder to find their way back home. Listen to my voice. Your world is I’ll. I will send my son to heal it. Don’t wait. Come to me. I will give you rest I will restore you. I will give you health. You are mine. You belong to me. 

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