First message given

Gods love
There are no adequate words to express the Lord’s love for his people. How can anyone express his mercy for his children. We need to learn confidence. We need to learn how to trust in his sacrifice for us. Heaven is waiting for the return of her children. All the Angels are singing praise to God. Interceding for us. Why do we wait. We keep thinking we have tomorrow. What if there is no tomorrow? Only today. How can we prepare ourselves when we haven’t even started a dialog with the father yet. What are we waiting for. He loves us. He waits for us. He is there. Why can’t we see that. Why have we removed ourselves from his presence. Time is of the essence. Tomorrow may not be here like you think. 
This is how you begin. Say hello. I am here. Say hello. Tell me your troubles. I am listening. Tell me your concerns. I am here. I never stop caring for my children. Your fears are important to me. You are the ones who have stopped listening to my call. trust that I want you in my kingdom. I did not prepare a place for you if I did not intend on giving it to you. You keep walking away. Wasting time with anything that floats by. Useless things that grab ahold of your attention. Your heart. How can I love you so much and yet you remain so far from my voice. Listen. Remove all obstacles from your heart and quiet yourself. Listen. You are mine. You belong to me. I am your Father. I created you. You are my sons and daughters. Look to my son for evidence of my love. Is that not proof enough. 
Trust. In my voice. I am calling you. Return to me. Leave behind the ways of men. Return to the ways of your father. I have prepared a place for you. My son insured that with his sacrifice on the cross. No one has such love. He paid your price. How can you turn away from such a sacrifice. How many times must I call you back to me. When will you finally listen. I am patient. I will wait for you. That is how important you are to me. Do not be afraid of today. Give me everything and I will give you peace. Give me your troubles. I understand. You are never lonely. I have ensured that by giving you an angel for all your life. You are never alone. We are at your side. Watching. ( God asks me to tell you about my vision.). In the garden we are his beautiful flowers. Each day God passes over us like a cloud moving with a gentle breeze. He looks at all of us with great love. His love is like the suns healing rays shining on our leaves. He see’s us. Sadly when we contemplate sin weeds begin to encroach on us. If we commit a sin their roots shoot into the ground. Our lady comes into the garden with her apron full of prayers and sacrifices of others. She offers them to her son. She begs him to let her pick the weeds and free her children. He initially said “no” but she persists. She shows him the prayers and sacrifices she has. He cannot turn her down and agrees. Our Lady begins to pull the weeds. When all the weeds are cleared away she can see the sickly state of her child. She weeps and her tears nourish. God passes over and his rays of love shine down and once again the flower is transformed into the beauty God had originally designed. )
You see how my love heals. Prayer and sacrifice from my children soften my heart. When you pray or give sacrifices for your brother wars can end. First you need to be healed yourself. Come back to me and I will send my son to heal. He is the great physician. I hear your sadness. Your cries for my help. Where are your brother and sisters. Did I not give you each other. Yet when you cry for me so often you are alone in your prayer. How much I wish your brothers and sisters would stand with you in your sorrow. Fear not I still hear you and I will heal you. You are ill and don’t realize it yet. Do not fear. I will help you see your weakness. Trust. You will feel my healing rays. 

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