Brothers and sisters, it Is I your Heavenly King, coming to ransom your hearts unto myself. Have hearts that are patient. Be kind when you speak. Remember how I have loved you since the beginning. You belong to my Heart. Remember this. I love you and I give you my priestly blessings. Know this. 
Children, it is I your Heavenly Father coming tonight to hold you tenderly in my arms. I am always here. My Heart remains unchanged. Do you still wonder with amazement at the things of this world? Come and walk with me tonight. Let me share with you what I see. I look at you and see a heart that is worried. A heart that lacks faith. You rely on yourself and fail to seek my help. I am not far. I have not left your side. I remain with you. Just as you see this world with amazement I look upon you with tenderness. My infinite love pours out upon every child. You fail to recognize the glory that I have bestowed upon mankind. My mercy. So vast it is unmeasurable. Present to you at any given moment. Come to me tonight. Look up at the stars and know you are even greater than these. Look at the ocean. My love for you outweighs its depths. Look at a single flower and know you are even more delicate. I created you in my heart. Out of love I created you. Unique. Full of life. You belong to my Heart. You are not forgotten. You are a cherished child. United to me for all of eternity. You only need to trust.To believe. I long to make known to you all of this. To ready your heart. Be ready. Take my hand and walk with me. I love you. Tonight I give you my blessings. 

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