Brothers and sisters, it is I your Heavenly King, calling each of you unto my Heart. Prepare your hearts for my coming. Be still and know that I am here with you. Though your waters may be troubled and your earth shaken I have not abandoned you. Do not doubt my love. Know this. Even in the midst of your greatest turmoil I am with you. When you wander off it is I that remains waiting for you to return. My love is eternal. My mercy, endless. I wish to place my mercy in your heart. You, however must prepare your heart for me. Empty yourself of those things that have chained you. Everything that causes you to stumble and fall. Then my child I can freely enter. I will nourish you with life giving bread. I will give you drink from my fountain of compassion. Everything I have, I have given freely so you may live. So do not fear. Do not worry. I am with you. Even when you have distanced your heart from me I have remained with you. Calling you back to me. I love you and I give you my priestly blessings. Know this. 

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