Brothers and sisters, it is I your Heavenly King, calling each of you unto my Heart. Peace be with you. Let my peace reign in your hearts tonight. Bring my peace with you and offer it to those you meet. Let my words remain with you and live accordingly. When you go out remember that you belong to my Heart. Speak with authority in matters of morals and faith. Do not however place condemnation upon anyone. It is my mercy that I wish to offer. Always teach with kindness. It is my love that you are to share. Bring with you words of comfort and hope. With love you will overcome despair. Be a light for those who dwell in darkness. Let your light become a beacon guiding everyone towards me. My Heart is open and ready to receive all who wish to enter. I tell you if a soul believes and trusts in my mercy they will remain in me and I in them. Come and knock. I love you and I give you my priestly blessings. Know this. 

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