Brothers and sisters, it is I your Heavenly King, calling each of you unto my Heart. Come and enter into the chambers of my most Sacred and Merciful Heart. Let my Heart be a source of strength and comfort for each of you. Come to me with your concerns. Bring to me your difficulties. I will listen. Everything I will place in my Heart for you. Know that I have come tonight to tell you that I love you. My Heart is an open vessel for you. A source of graces ready to be poured out upon you. Are you ready to open your hearts to me?  To remove the obstacles that currently reside in your heart. Believe that I love you. Know that I wish to place my peace with you. Do not remove yourself from my love. Choosing pleasure over salvation. I love you. Refrain from idle conversation that will only overshadow truth. Come before me and I will shelter you. I will forgive your debts if you ask. My mercy is yours. Just come to me with a firm purpose of amendment. I can see your struggles just as I can see your desires. I hear your pleas just as I hear your cries of sorrow. No more will you hunger. No longer will you thirst. Come to me and receive what I am offering you. I am the bread of life. Anyone who comes to me will not be left outside. No, I will invite them in and they shall dine with me and have life everlasting. I love you. Know this. Tonight I give you my priestly blessings. 

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