Brothers and sisters, it is I your Heavenly King, calling each of you unto my Heart. Prepare your hearts for my coming. Learn from the trials that you are enduring.  See the areas that you have struggled. What caused you to forget to call out to me? Why did you find yourself distancing yourself from my grace? Have you become distracted? Do you find yourself becoming lukewarm?  I want you to understand what areas of your journey are causing you to fall.    Now, come to me.   I will renew in you strength. I will forgive you of your past mistakes. Tonight begin anew.      Now, trust in me.    When you feel weak call out to me. When you find that you have fallen, reach for me. My heart will protect you. My mercy will envelope you, so you may see clearly again. I love you. I desire for you to be united to my Heart. Know this. I love you and I give you my priestly blessings. 

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