Children, it is I your Heavenly Mother, my dear little ones. Children take this time of mercy to practice living a life of virtues. Be prudent with your choices. Discern carefully before you offer counsel. Pray for wisdom. Pray for knowledge. When you are given a difficult cross think of my son. Remember how he carried his cross. Every step thinking of you. Every beat of his heart was offered for your salvation. As you walk through your trial do not focus on the many sorrows you are facing or the difficulties you are enduring. Focus of how your cross is an opportunity to unite yourself to my Son. Be brave even in the face of hardship. Look lovingly at your cross knowing that you will only have to carry it a short distance. Soon my little ones you will no longer have that cross to bear. You will be rejoicing in Heaven with my son. Sharing in the resurrection. I love you my little ones. Offer everything to the Father for his blessings. Then your efforts will yield you fruit. I love you and I give you my motherly blessings. Know this. 

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