Brothers and sisters, it is I your Heavenly King, coming to ransom your hearts unto myself. Prepare your hearts for my coming. I come tonight to remind you. Change while you have this time of mercy. Look into your hearts. Are you willingly to set aside your pride for humility. Anger for love. Are you willing to show compassion and mercy to those I have given to you. Children you must be willing to first look intently at your hearts. Then you will know where change is necessary. Do you still struggle with loving your neighbor. When I come to ask you how you grew fruit. What will you say to me. I shall look upon your yields. When you have nothing to harvest because of your lack of love how will you explain to me your empty baskets. Go and love. Forgive those who are indebted to you. Then when you stand before me I will surely forgive you your debts. Do not think tomorrow you can forgive. Tomorrow you can love. Tomorrow has not been given to you. If I were to come tonight and call you upon myself, what then? Change now. Forgive with your hearts first. Then with your words, followed by deed. Your brother or sister will know that you are sincere. I myself will bless your efforts. I love you. Know this. Tonight I give you my priestly blessings. 

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