Brothers and sisters, it is I your Heavenly King, calling each of you unto my Heart. Come and dwell with me tonight. I love you. Place these words deep in your hearts. When you struggle let my words rise from your hearts and listen to them over and over. Do not doubt. Do not fear. I love you. That is why I am here. I have come so that you may believe. My Heart is a place of mercy. A source of comfort and strength. Come to me and do not be afraid. I will not turn you away. Even if your sins are many, come to me. My mercy is greater than all of your sins. Look at my Heart. It was pierced so that my mercy could pour out upon you. To cover your sins. My blood washed away your iniquities. You are made clean. So do not fear. Bring to me all of your ills. Your sadness. Your struggles. Everything I will place in the chambers of my most Sacred and Merciful Heart. Come to me tonight. I will come as the just judge. To rule over the hearts of men. To separate the sheep from the goats. But tonight I come not as the just judge. I come as your merciful Savior. Ready to place you safely in my Heart. To dwell with you and make you my own. To Shepard you and lead you to safety. I love you. Know this. Tonight I give you my priestly blessings. 

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