Brothers and sisters, it is I your Heavenly King, calling each of you unto my Heart. Come and rest in me. Let your hearts be comforted. Know that I love you. It is my mercy I wish to give you tonight. Come and receive me. Like a child trust in what I am saying to you. Be confident and know that you are worthy of forgiveness. You are worthy because of me. I have made you worthy when I shed my blood for you. At the moment of my death I delivered you up to myself. No longer were you kept a prisoner. You were made free. Free to accept my gift of salvation. Free to dwell in the chambers of my most Sacred and Merciful Heart. Come and receive me tonight. Unite yourself to me by accepting my will for you. Give me your yes and I will change your hearts of stone. I love you and I give you my priestly blessings. Know this. 

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