Children, it is I your Heavenly Mother, my dear little ones. Children tonight I bring you words of encouragement. Be a light for others. Especially those who have surrounded their hearts with darkness. By your light they will see through the darkness. How do you share this light? By following in the footsteps of my Son who is light. The more you love the greater your light will be. How can darkness envelope a heart that is on fire for God? My little ones you will become lights that form a path to the Lord. Through your prayers and acts of charity many brothers and sisters will be saved. You will bring them to the door to my Son’s Heart. He will invite them in. I love you my little ones. Pray that my Son will engulf your hearts with flames of love. Then every soul you encounter will see God’s great love and mercy. I love you and I give you my motherly blessings. Know this.

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